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  • Invasion of the DinosaursPrehistoric monsters appear in modern-day London. The Doctor investigates.
  • Blade Runner 1The Replicant Pris alone on the Streets of Los Angeles, 2019
  • Dr. Terror's House of HorrorsWhen five men board a train they find themselves sharing their compartment with the mysterious Doctor Schreck. To while away the journey he foretells their future - and each is a tale of terror.
  • Genesis of the Daleks 1The Doctor is sent to Skaro by the Time Lords to the time of the Thal/Kaled war, when a driven scientist called Davros is developing the Dalek. The Doctor must attempt to change their development or avert their creation. Can he do it?
  • The Macra TerrorThe Second Doctor faces giant crab-like monstrosities.
  • LancastersAvro Lancasters line up for a mission sometime in 1943.
  • The Empty ChildThe Doctor is menaced by strange gas mask wearing zombies in war torn London.
  • The Curse of PeladonOn the storm lashed planet Peladon, Jo Grant, companion to the third Doctor, makes her escape, high on walls of the citadel.
  • Mosquito RaidDe Havilland Mosquitos attack a marshalling yard.
  • Blade Runner #2More of Pris from from Blade Runner, this time in lethal mode.
  • Genesis of the Daleks 39The Fourth Doctor is interrogated about his knowledge of Dalek defeats throughout history.
  • DambustersThe raid on the dams of the Ruhr Valley in May 1943.
  • The Daemons 9The Third Doctor races to the scene of a televised archeological dig, but before he can stop it an ancient evil is unleashed.
  • Dalek Invasion of EarthIn the 22nd Century Daleks Invade Earth after a plague virus devastates the population.
  • An American Werewolf in LondonTerror comes to London when David Kessler falls victim to lycanthropy.

Invasion of the dinosaurs


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