Earthshock 2

After the Cybermen have gained control of a space freighter they lock it on a collision course with Earth

The Cyber Leader forces the Doctor to take him, Tegan and Nyssa aboard the TARDIS to watch the destruction unfold. Whilst the freighter crew manage to escape in a pod, Adric stays behind because he is sure he can crack the code of the alien device that is controlling the ship.

But with only parts of the code cracked the freighter begins to spiral back through time. Tegan assumes the Earth is safe until the Doctor points out that the ships co-ordinates remain fixed; the freighter is heading for a collision 65 million years into the past.

Too late the Doctor discovers that Adric is still aboard, and there is nothing he can do but watch as the ship hurtles into the planet.

Story background: 1982. Written by Eric Saward, produced by John Nathan-Turner. Notable for: The return of the Cybermen after 7 years.

Illustration: 2010 Daryl Joyce. Gouache and Paint Shop. 27cm x 21cm

Doctor Who - Earthshock 2

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