Planet of Fire - Peri on Holiday

An American girl called Perpugilliam Brown is holidaying in Lanzarotte

Escaping from her step father she nearly drowns and is rescued by Turlough. She joins the Doctor, Turlough and the robot Kamelion when they travels to the volcanic planet of Sarn.

The Master is controlling Kamelion but Peri discovers that the renegade Time Lord has been accidentally shrunk by his own favourite weapon - the Tissue Compression Eliminator. In order to restore himself and extend his life he needs to bathe in the volcanic numismaton flame.

Story background: 1984. Written by Peter Grimwade, produced by John Nathan-Turner. Notable for: First story for companion Peri and departure of Turlough and Kamelion. The cast included Hammer Horror stalwart Barbara Shelley and Jason King himself - Peter Wyngarde.

Illustration: 2005 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 42cm x 28cm

Doctor Who - Planet of Fire 1

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