The Daleks’ Masterplan

The year is 4000 AD and the Guardian of the Solar System, Mavic Chen, has betrayed Earth and given the Daleks the means to create their supreme weapon: the Time Destructor

The Doctor steals the taranium element and a chase through space ensues. During the course of the adventure two of the Doctor’s companions - Katarina and Sara, are killed.

Story background: 1965, written by Terry Nation with Dennis Spooner, produced by John Wiles. Notable for: At twelve episodes this is the longest Doctor Who story. It is also the first to feature the deaths of prominant companion characters. The story also features Nicholas Courtney’s debut in Doctor Who as doomed character Bret Vyon - later he would become more familiar as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT.

Illustration: 1994 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 53cm x 31cm

Reproduced with the kind permission of Peter Labrow of Dalek Links

Doctor Who - The Daleks Masterplan 1

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