Mission to the Unknown - Varga infection

Special Security Service Agent Marc Cory has been dispatched to the nightmarish planet of Kembel to investigate

Cory has to kill one of his crew mates, Garvey, when he becomes infected by the thorn of a Varga plant. As Cory and his only surviving crew member shut themselves back inside their small spaceship for the night they are unaware that outside Garvey’s corpse is twitching with new life, slowly transforming into a new bloodthirsty Varga plant.

Meanwhile Cory explains why he has suspicions about what is going on on the planet; Varga plants are indigenous to only one place in the universe - Skaro - home world of the Daleks.

Story Background: 1965. Written by Terry Nation, directed by Derek Martinus. Notable for: The only story in the series history that features neither the Doctor or any companions. It is a single episode teaser for the epic Dalek’s Masterplan which would follow after a short trip to ancient Greece.

Illustration: 2010 Daryl Joyce. Gouache, Paint Shop and Photoshop. 23cm x 30cm

Doctor Who - Mission to the Unknown - Varga Infection

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