Planet of Giants - Realisation

After discovering the giant worm it soon becomes apparent that the Doctor and his companions are in fact back on Earth, but in a garden - and they are only one inch tall

Forester, an unscrupulous businessman, is working with a scientist called Smithers who is aiming to launch a new insecticide named DN6 which will make their fortunes. But a civil servant arrives with the news that the new insecticide is so destructive that it would kill everything vital to a healthy ecology. When Forester discovers the civil servant cannot be bribed he pulls a gun on him. Meanwhile, Ian has fallen into a matchbox. As the others set off to find him they hear a thunderous explosion...

Story background: 1964, written by Louis Marks, produced by Verity Lambert.

Illustration: 2008 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 40cm x 20cm

Doctor Who - Planet of Giants 2 - Realisation

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