The Chase - Frankenstein’s Monster

The Daleks are determined to put a stop to the Doctors meddling and have created their own time and space machine

After a narrow escape from Aridius, and quick stops in Manhattan and aboard the Marie Celeste the TARDIS materialises inside what appears to be a spooky haunted house. The travellers decide to explore the place and see if it would make a favourable battle ground for their impending date with the Daleks.

Ian and the Doctor discover a laboratory and laying on a slab the body of what appears to be Frankenstein’s monster. Slowly the creature awakens and sits up….

Story background: 1965, written by Terry Nation, produced by Verity Lambert. Notable firsts: The Mechanoids that are introduced in episode five of the Chase were seen as a possible ongoing rival for the Daleks but to date this remains their only appearance.

Illustration: 2006 Daryl Joyce. Gouache and Paintshop. 40cm x 20cm

Doctor Who - The Chase 2 - Frankenstein

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