The Chase - Fungoid Attack

The TARDIS finally arrives on the swampy planet of Mechanus which is alive with hostile fungus plants

But it is here that the time travellers decide to confront the Daleks. At dawn an immense city is revealed standing high above the swamp. The city is maintained by the Mechanoids, spherical robots sent by Earth to prepare the planet for colonisation. The colonisation never happened though and the robots ruthlessly maintain an empty city. Empty save for one prisoner: a space pilot named Steven Taylor.

When the Daleks gain access to the city a pitched battle takes place between Mechanoids and Daleks. The city starts to burn and collapse and the time travellers make their escape by climbing down hundreds of feet of cable. Steven is last to escape and finds himself alone in the swamp and under attack from the Fungoids.

Story background: 1965, written by Terry Nation, produced by Verity Lambert. Notable for: After numerous adventures through some of the biggest events in history Ian and Barbara bid a fond farewell to the Doctor and make it back home to Earth. Things will never be quite the same, for any of them.

Illustration: 2009 Daryl Joyce. Gouache and Paint Shop. 40cm x 20cm

Doctor Who - The Chase 3 - Fungoid Attack

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