The Daleks’ Masterplan - Sara Kingdom

Security agent Sara Kingdom believes Bret Vyon is a traitor and kills him in cold blood

Only when she meets the Doctor and Steven does she learn the truth. As awful as it is for them to learn of Bret’s death, it is much worse for Sara herself as he was her brother. Determined to defeat Mavic Chen and avenge her brother she joins the TARDIS crew.

Story background: 1965, written by Terry Nation with Dennis Spooner, produced by John Wiles. Notable for: Jean Marsh was Jon Pertwee’s first wife. She later became famous as Rose in the classic drama Upstairs, Downstairs, which she devised with fellow thespian Eileen Atkins. She would return to Doctor Who in 1988 as baddie Morgaine in the story Battlefield which also featured the return of Nicholas Courtney in his more familiar role of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

Illustration: 2006 Daryl Joyce. Gouache plus Photoshop. 53cm x 31cm

Doctor Who - Dalek Masterplan 4 - Sara Kingdom

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