The Keys of Marinus - A Sea of Acid

The TARDIS materialises on the shore of an island

Susan rushes off to paddle in one of the rock pools but in the nick of time Ian realises the sea water is actually acid. An immense pyramid dominates the island and the travellers decide to explore. Inside the pyramid they meet a man called Arbitan, Keeper of the Conscience of Marinus; a machine that controls the planet. But four of the five keys that operate it are lost. Arbitan places a force field around the TARDIS and forces the Doctor and his companions on a quest across the planet to find the missing keys. He hands them each a small device like a wristwatch which will transport them to each location.

Story background: 1964, written by Terry Nation, produced by Verity Lambert.

Illustration: 2006 Daryl Joyce. Gouache 40cm x 20cm, plus Photoshop.

Doctor Who - Keys of Marinus 2 - Sea of Acid

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