The Tenth Planet

In the late 1980’s the TARDIS lands at the South Pole Space Tracking Station

Earth’s missing sister planet, Mondas, has been discovered. A squad of medically augmented humanoids known as Cybermen, who are ruthless and devoid of all emotion, invade the tracking station. They plan to destroy the Earth with a powerful Z-bomb before Mondas itself is obliterated. They also intend to take humans to Mondas and surgically convert them into more Cybermen. The battle takes its toll on the Doctor who gets progressively weaker until finally on returning to the TARDIS he collapses to the floor and slowly begins to change…

Story background: 1966, written by Kit Pedler with Gerry Davis and Pat Dunlop, produced by Innes Lloyd. Notable firsts: The Cybermen, the series second most famous villains make their debut. The Doctor regenerates for the first time.

Illustration: 1995 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 40cm x 23cm

Doctor Who - The Tenth Planet

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