The Tribe of Gum 1 - Sabre Tooth Attack

The first adventure in Doctor Who’s long history saw the TARDIS leaving a foggy London of 1963 and arriving in prehistoric times. 100,000 BC

The Doctor, his granddaughter Susan and their two companions Ian and Barbara find themselves at the mercy of some brutal cave dwellers who believe that they hold the secret of fire.

While they try to make their escape through a forest, pursued by Za, leader of the tribe, the time travellers are stalked by a sabre-toothed tiger. But it is Za who becomes its prey.

Story background: 1963, written by Anthony Coburn, produced by Verity Lambert. Notable firsts: time travel, the TARDIS failied to blend in with its surroundings and remained as a police box, the Doctor as a selfish anti-hero.

Illustration: 1997 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 31cm x 26cm

Doctor Who - The Tribe of Gum - Sabre Tooth Attack

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