Ark in Space - Wirrn

The Ark, an oribiting space station contains all that is left of the Earth

Amongst all the flora and fauna, all the knowledge and history that is contained with the Ark, lay the last humans, hibernating in suspended animation. But the station has been invaded by the Wirrn queen; a giant insect-like creature. Whilst the humans sleep the creature lays its eggs within their bodies. The Doctor and his companions arrive and bring the humans out of hibernation, but as they awake the horror of what has happened to some of the crew threatens the future of mankind.

Story Background: 1975. Written by Robert Holmes, produced by Philip Hinchcliffe.

Illustration: 2009 Daryl Joyce. Pen and Paint Shop. 21cm x 26cm

Doctor Who - Ark in Space 2 - Wirrn

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