Genesis of the Daleks - Interrogation

Recaptured by Nyder, the Doctor and his companions are taken for interrogation

Davros now knows that the Doctor is from another planet and another time, and that he has vital knowledge of the Daleks history. He wants that knowledge so he has Nyder rig Harry and Sarah up to torture devices to force the Doctor to reveal all he knows of Dalek defeats.

Knowing that the information will make the Daleks indestructable the Doctor refuses to talk. But he is unable to watch his friends suffer. As a recording is made the Doctor tells of the Daleks invasion of Earth, the battle on Mars and the war rockets from the planet Hyperon...

Story Background: 1975. Written by Terry Nation, produced by Philip Hinchcliffe.

Illustration: 1996 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 42cm x 29cm

Available as a wallpaper in ‘free stuff’

Doctor Who - Genesis of the Daleks 7 - Interrogation

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