Genesis of the Daleks - Kaled Attack

The Doctor decides that reasoning with Davros is futile

He makes his way to the incubation chamber where all the Kaled mutations are being nurtured prior to being housed in the mark 3 travel machine. He tells Harry and Sarah that the only option left open to him is genocide - to rid the universe of the Daleks before they can become a menace that will try to enslave all before them. He places explosive charges in the incubation chamber, unaware that one of the creatures has its sights on his throat.

Story Background: 1975. Written by Terry Nation, produced by Philip Hinchcliffe.

Illustration: 2004 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 22cm x 28cm

Reproduced with the kind permission of Peter Labrow of Dalek Links

Doctor Who - Genesis of the Daleks 9 - Kaled Attack

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