Lungbarrow - Ebook cover

The Doctor returns to his ancestral home, the lost house of Lungbarrow in the southern mountains of Gallifrey.

In the gloom of the labyrinthine building that has sunk beneath the earth the Doctor’s disparate relatives gather, each with their own dark agenda. Meanwhile, Romana’s presidency is facing its greatest test. Leela, Ace and two K9s battle to save the day.

Story background: A Virgin book by Marc Platt published in 1997 and re-issued as an E-book by the BBC in 2003. This is the last story for the Seventh Doctor and events at the close of the book tie into the Paul McGann TV Movie. Further images from this story are available as wallpapers on the BBCs official Doctor Who site.

Illustration: 2003 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 17cm x 13cm

Reproduced with the kind permission of the BBC

Doctor Who - Lungbarrow 1

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