Revelation of the Daleks

The Doctor and Peri visit the planet of Necros..

..location of the Tranquil Repose mortuary, where people with enough money are preserved in suspended animation. In fact, under the control of the Great Healer (Davros), some of the humans are being re-engineered into a new army of Daleks. The rest are being turned into food for a company headed by an ambitios woman called Kara. Kara has her own plans to usurp the Great Healer and hires an assassin to penetrate Tranquil Repose and kill Davros.

Story Background: 1985. Written by Eric Saward, produced by John Nathan-Turner.

Illustration: 2010 Daryl Joyce. Gouache 24cm x 39cm

Doctor Who - Revelation of the Daleks 1

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