Dr. Who & The Silurians - Cave Monster

The Doctor and Liz travel to an atomic research centre deep beneath Wenley Moor in Derbyshire to investigate inexplicable power losses

The Doctor discovers a race of intelligent humanoid creatures living in the caves. They evolved from dinosaurs and have awoken from a long hibernation. Now they intend to take back control of the Earth that they once ruled as their own. Whilst the Doctor tries to negotiate a peace, factions on both human and Silurian sides are intent on genocide.

A virus designed to kill the ape ancestors is released amongst the humans and soon starts to spread. The Doctor and Liz struggle to find an antidote. They do, but the Silurians invade the research centre and abduct the Doctor. He manages to trick them into returning to hibernation.

Story background: 1970. Written by Malcolm Hulke, produced by Barry Letts. Notable for: The only televised story to be called ‘Doctor Who and the….’ in error. The first appearance of the Silurians whose cousins would later appear as the Sea Devils. The Doctors yellow roadster Bessie made its first appearance here too.

Illustration: 1995 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 17cm x 13cm

Doctor Who - and the silurians - cave monster

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