Inferno - The Earth Destroyed

On the parallel Earth Project Inferno is more advanced

The Doctor sees that drilling through the Earth’s crust will unleash terrible destructive power. Despite his best efforts he can do nothing to save the Earth. Lava overruns Project Inferno. The TARDIS console starts to work and the Doctor manages to escape but his new found friends and allies die in the cataclysm. The Earth’s crust is consumed as the molten liquid beneath is unleashed. The devastation wrought by Project Inferno expands relentlessly across the world and all life on Earth is destroyed.

The Doctor arrives back on the Earth he recognises only to see that events he has already witnessed are beginning to unfold.

Illustration: 1996 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 17cm x 13cm

Doctor Who - Inferno 1 - Earth Destroyed

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