Planet of the Spiders - Chase

Former Captain Yates has his suspicions about the goings on at a meditative retreat

He calls on Sarah Jane and asks her to investigate. She discovers that a group of people are misusing the meditation rituals in order to make contact with alien forces - which manifest themselves in the form of a giant spider.

Lupton, the leader of this group, comes under the influence of the giant spider - who is in fact an emissary from the planet Metebelis 3, sent to Earth to recover a blue crystal. The crystal, which has mind expanding qualities, was taken by the Doctor as a souvenir, but for the giant spiders that now dominate Metebelis 3 it is a means to ultimate power.

Lupton gains access to UNIT HQ and steals the crystal. The Doctor sets off in hot pursuit. When Lupton takes to the air in the UNIT autogyro and it seems the chase is over, the Doctor climbs aboard his car…

Story background: 1974. Written by Barry Letts and Robert Sloman, produced by Barry Letts. Notable for: The Metebelis story arc, first hinted at in Carnival of Monsters reaches its conclusion. The Doctors car, first seen in ‘Invasion of the Dinoaurs’ was specially built for Jon Pertwee and is generally referred to as the Whomobile or the Alien, although neither of these names are ever stated during the two stories that feature the vehicle.

Illustration: 1998 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 40cm x 23cm

Doctor Who - Planet of the spiders 1 - Chase

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