The Curse of Peladon - Unsteady Landing

The TARDIS materialises precariously on a ledge on the storm wracked planet of Peladon

The Doctor and Jo escape from the TARDIS as it plummets down the mountainside. Alone on the rock face they start a dangerous climb towards the imposing edifice of a citadel far above them that seems to be carved from the rock of the mountain.

Jo finds a cave entrance and they shelter from the ferocity of the storm. The cave leads to a tunnel that takes them closer to the citadel.

Story background: 1972. Written by Brian Hayles, produced by Barry Letts. Notable for: The first colour outing for the Ice Warriors - this time as good guys. David Troughton, son of Patrick, played the part of King Peladon.

Illustration: 2005 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 32cm x 25cm

Doctor Who - The Curse of Peladon 1

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