The Curse of Peladon 2 - Alpha Centauri

The storm rages on outside, but deep within the heavy walls of the citadel of Peladon all is silent

In the dark corridors, where hanging tapestries hide secret passages, a group of alien delegates have arrived to negotiate the planets membership of the Galactic Federation. One of the most unusual of the aliens is Alpha Centauri, a hermaphrodite hexapod.

Set against the idea of galactic integration, the high priest Hepesh uses the ancient legend of a mythical beast named Aggedor to terrify the delegates. He so opposes the plans for his people that he resorts to murder, but he has an accomplice and the Doctor suspects the war-like Ice Warriors might be involved. But the Doctor isn’t always right.

Story background: 1972. Written by Brian Hayles, produced by Barry Letts.

Illustration: 2006 Daryl Joyce. Gouache and Photoshop. 29cm x 22cm

Doctor Who - The Curse of Peladon 2 - Alpha Centauri

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