The Daemons - Power Unleashed

Reaching the barrow the Doctor calls out for Horner to stop

But it’s too late. Horner has prised the stone loose and suddenly an unearthly power is unleashed. The stone erupts and an icy tornado blasts though the barrow.

In the cavern beneath the church the power brings the stone gargoyle ‘Bok’ to life.

When Jo reaches the barrow she sees the bodies of Horner and the Doctor laying amongst the rubble and swirling ice.

Story background: 1971. Written by Barry Letts & Robert Sloman, produced by Barry Letts.

Illustration: 1996 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 42cm x 60cm

Available as a wallpaper in ‘free stuff’

Doctor Who - The Daemons 3

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