The Green Death

In a disused mine in Wales a man dies horribly; his skin glowing green

Jo Grant travels to Wales to join a group led by ardent ecologist Professor Clifford Jones. He is protesting about the activities of a new chemical plant. When another victim of the green death transpires down in the mine, Jo goes into the pit to help. But the cage that carries her has been sabotaged and she is trapped below ground.

The Doctor, back from his trip to Metebelis 3, races to the scene and leads a rescue into the mine. He discovers a deadly chemical slurry that has been pumped from the new factory. But worse, he finds that thriving on the green waste are thousands of giant maggots. Stevens, the head of the chemical plant, is in fact under the control of BOSS, a computer system that runs the company efficiently - whatever the cost to the environment.

Story background: 1973. Written by Barry Letts and Robert Sloman, produced by Barry Letts. Notable for: Jo’s last story. Events in this story have repercussions in the next season for the character of Mike Yates and the ultimate fate of the third Doctor.

Illustration: 1995 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 40cm x 23cm

Doctor Who - The Green Death 1

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