The Sea Devils - version one

The Doctor and Jo go to visit the Master on an island prison where he is the only inmate

Whilst there the prison governor lets slip some information about ships having sunk in the area recently. The Doctor is intrigued and his investigations lead him to the Naval base and then to an old sea fort. There he encounters the Sea Devils; aquatic cousins of the Silurians. Once again they are intent on taking back control of the Earth from the human race.

Story background: 1972. Written by Malcolm Hulke, produced by Barry Letts. Notable for: The Royal Navy were keen to be involved in a Doctor Who story and offered every assistance. Pertwee must have felt at home in the environment after his war service aboard the ill-fated HMS Hood, and his time on The Navy Lark.

Illustration: 1992 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 40cm x 23cm

Doctor Who - The Sea Devils 1

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