The Time Monster

The Master, posing as Professor Thascales is working on TOM-TIT - Transmission of Matter through Interstitial Time

When UNIT are alerted to his presence he uses the device to create a series of timeslips to attack them, the most devastating being the appearance of a V1 flying bomb from World War Two.

The Master travels back in time to Atlantis to steal a crystal that will finally give him control over Kronos, a creature that feeds on Time itself. The Doctor and Jo follow. To overthrow the King, The Master seduces Queen Galleia but when she later betrays him he unleashes Kronos and orders it to destroy Atlantis.

The two Time Lords escape the destruction and battle in the Time Vortex. Free of the Masters control Kronos reappears seeking retribution.

Story background: 1972. Written by Barry Letts and Robert Sloman, produced by Barry Letts. Notable for: Pertwees friend and co-star in The House that Dripped Blood, Ingrid Pitt, played the role of Queen Galleia. She is best known for horror films like Countess Dracula, The Vampire Lovers and The Wicker Man.

Illustration: 1994 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 40cm x 23cm

Doctor Who - The Time Monster 1

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