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Some links to websites which I find useful or enjoyable

Anolis Entertainment

Anolis is a German company that presents some of the best classic horror titles on DVD and Bluray, often in special media book editions.

Deirdre Varley

Professional freelance illustrator and caricaturist.

The Model Unit

Special effects unit based at Ealing film studios creating many award winning sequences for film and television.

Look and Learn

Web site devoted to the classic 60's and 70's publication that presented science, history and nature via some of the greatest illustrators working at that time - including Frank Bellamy, Ron Embleton, Don Lawrence and Wilf Hardy.

BBC Doctor Who website

The BBC's Official Doctor Who Web site, packed with episode guides, stories, pictures and free screensavers.

Big Finish

Big Finish Productions create new audio adventures of classic series, featuring many original cast members, including Dr Who, Blakes 7, Survivors and The Avengers.

Reynolds and Hearn

Independent publishing company specialising in music, film, television, photography and the performing arts.

Dalek Links

Dalek Links is the most comprehensive listing of the Web's Dalek Web sites. If you're looking for anything Dalek-related - this is the first place to look!

Labrow Marketing

The company which designed this Web site. Labrow Marketing specialises in Web site development and marketing communications.

Telos Publishing

High quality, collectible books for all fans of horror, dark fantasy, cult TV and - of course - Doctor Who.

The Restoration Team

A web site based around the work of a flexible team of Television professionals who painstakingly restore archive television, chiefly Doctor Who, for DVD release. Many groundbreaking and astounding techniques have been developed.

Doctor Who Magazine

Doctor Who magazine was first published in October 1979 - and continues to this very day. It's the world's longest running magazine, based on a TV programme.

Gallifrey Base

Discussion forum chiefly about Doctor Who, but also encompassing all current and archive TV, film and other media.

The Mind Robber

Gavin Rymill's wonderfully eclectic Doctor Who site.



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