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Can a computer replace an artist?

Daryl Joyce is a brilliant illustrator. He uses every medium from pencil and paper to the latest computerised image generation systems. He created artwork for the BBC's Doctor Who series and currently works on, amongst other projects, poster prints of enormous intensity.

As an artist he is superb. however there is more to art than technical ability. A real artist such as Daryl Joyce needs to have imagination too. He has it in plenty which is why his work is so sought-after.

Is there a place for D-I-Y illustration?

There is now a plethora of image creation programmes such as Poser™ and Daz3d™, as well as Photoshop™ for adding that little extra; these allow relative beginners to create a bewildering variety of images, and then alter them in many ways. Are they as good as the images that a professional illustrator like Mr Joyce can produce though? Probably not. Then again, do they really need to be?

Art and cheap car insurance

We have created some images below for an imaginary website selling cheap car insurance, plus a couple of others of a real(ish) human. People looking for policies for their cars are often looking for the cheapest possible price but they are usually pretty impatient. They will land on a web page and many of them will spend less than a second to decide whether or not to put that claim of 'Buy Very Cheap Car Insurance Here' to the test. The insurer may offer the cheapest car insurance (Prudent Plus certainly tries hard to; and they also create a class of delivery driver (courier) insurance too. You can click here to buy Prudent Plus Courier Insurance; but the visitor won't know that until a policy is applied for. Will he or she stay long enough to find out?

What is the deciding factor in persuading the visitor stays on that car insurance page? Partly it is whether or not they have heard of the insurance company; partly how good their advertising copy is; but most of all it is the layout of the site. If it is attractive, with professional looking car images, the visitor is more likely to pause, read the text, and click on that quotation button.

Let us be realistic and say that the imagery below cannot be considered to be as good as the work that Daryl Joyce could produce. The important thing is that they are good enough to persuade a visitor to pause for a moment and read on.

All the images below were created using Daz3d. None of them took more than about 20 minutes to produce.
Click on an image to see a full sized one.

Abandoned Car

An abandoned car
An interesting image. Is it a little flat and uninspiring though?

After Photoshopping

The same image after photoshopping
Simple adjustments to shadows and highlights make a more dramatic image

Floating Car

Get adventurous!
You can create anything with Daz3d. How about a floating car?

Car In Space

How about putting it into orbit?
Just another option when you have so many styles to choose from.

Car In Space

And people too

OK it's not completely lifelike but not far off. The programme can create transparent png files so you can add whichever background you wish from photos.

Car In Space

Photoshop filters

There is a huge range of filters you can use with Photoshop, some included with the package but a lot of others you can buy as well.

Do I sound biased?

Let me start by saying that I don't work for Daz3D, I don't have any type of business relationship with them, I'm just a regular user and very happy with their product. The programme itself is free but you have to buy the content items. Some starter items come free, some older ones are less than 10 US dollars but other newer items an cost up to 25 dollars or more.

The programme is very versatile so there's a bit of a learning curve but there are plenty of tutorials online.


You can always use stock images for your website of course but Google much prefers unique ones, You can create these easily with Daz3D and you have copyright on anything you produce so you could sell them if you wished to.

Of course you could always ask Mr Joyce to create something for you. I'm certain it would be excellent but he's probably pretty busy these days!